Josep Llinás

Born in Spain, 1945.

Awarded and well-known name of Spanish architecture, has won three times the FAD Awards (Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño), in the field of Architecture and Interiors. He is a scholar of the field and a frequent personality at conferences and exhibition commissioners. He has extensive experience in academic teaching, having taught in several Spanish schools and universities.


FAD of interiorism 1977.
Madrid Villa Architecture and Urbanism Award 1990.
Finalist in the III Spanish Architecture Biennial, 1994-95.
Finalist in the IV Spanish Architecture Biennial, 1995-96.
FAD of architecture 1996.
Dragados y Construcciones de Española 1996 from the CEOE Foundation.
FAD of the opinion 1997.
IV Manuel de la Dehesa Award for the V Spanish Architecture Biennial 1997/98.
FAD of the opinion 2003.
Decade Award 1995-2005.

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