Alcino Soutinho

Alcino Peixoto de Castro Soutinho was a Portuguese architect, considered by national and international critics as part of the "School of Porto".

In 1957, Alcino Soutinho graduated in Architecture from the Porto School of Fine Arts. In 1957 he began his activity as a free architect, an activity he interrupted in 1961 to conduct a research on Museology in Italy.
At the same time, he worked at the Foundation of the Pension Funds, where he designed several sets of economic housing in northern Portugal until 1971.
He was later definitively appointed as Associate and Jubilee Professor at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. He is a member of several Scientific Committees for publications (magazines and books) in various countries.
He won the AICA Prize (International Association of Art Critics, Portuguese section) in 1984 and the "Europe Nostra" Prize (International Federation of the Protection of Europe's Cultural and Natural Heritage) in 1982. He also integrated major architectural projects at national level.


AICA Prize (International Association of Art Critics - 1984).
Europa Nostra Prize - "International Federation of the Protection of Europe's Cultural and Natural Heritage" - 1982
Awarded the Matosinhos Municipal Chamber Medal of Merit - 1988
Awarded with the Municipal Chamber of Merit Medal of Vila Nova de Gaia - 1992
Awarded the Commendation of the Military Order of Santiago de Espada - 1993
Selected for the European Mies Van der Rohe Award - 1991.
Selected for Portuguese representation at the S.Paulo International Architecture Biennial (Brazil) - 1993
Calafates-Porto Monument (co-authored with A.Siza and A.Amaral) - 1959.
Building of the City Hall of Matosinhos - 1980/84.
Detail Plan of the Coastal Zone between Granja and Espinho - 1985.
Reconversion of the Building of the Old District Hospital of Viana do Castelo - 1985.
Banco Fonsecas & Burnay North Headquarters in Porto - 1990
New Rectory Building of the New University of Lisbon - 1993
Development of Lavra1 (54 dwellings), Lavra2 (90 dwellings) and Perafita (50 dwellings) housing projects - 1995
Municipality of Seregno - Italy - 1998
Competition for the Preparation of the Quinta das Janelas Recovery and Readaptation Project - Óbidos 2003
Competition for the Preparation of the Recovery and Readaptation Project of Quinta de Val Pereiras - Ponte de Lima 2003

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